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29 February 2012 @ 03:57 pm
Marvel Slash Drabbles  
Hi gang! I wrote these absolutely ages ago, and I realised that I'd posted them on a comm, but not here on my journal (probably because I wasn't sure who on my flist would want to read them). So anyway, here are two slash double drabbles, just flirting though, this is still me! The first is Steve Rogers/Tony Stark set pre-Civil War, post-Extremis, the second is Spiderman/Daredevil set whenever you want it to be! Rated 12A.

Steve grunted as Tony knocked him flat on his ass, again. He had to stop thinking of him as he was before; there was no denying that Extremis had improved Tony’s reflexes, had made him stronger, faster. That made Steve grin as he thought of the Six Million Dollar man, a show he’d caught re-runs of a few times.

“We have the technology,” he muttered under his breath as he brought a sweeping kick to Tony’s legs. At least he would if Tony hadn’t dodged it.

“Hey, I resent that! I’m worth way more than six million,” Tony said with a grin as he offered Steve a hand up.

Damn, I thought he didn’t hear that, Steve thought. He smiled back. “Way more,” he answered.

Tony took a step closer, staring intently into Steve’s eyes. Steve leaned toward him, his heart beating faster, both from the fight and in anticipation of the kiss to come.

“At least a couple of billion, plus all my assets,” Tony said with a wicked smile before turning and heading to the shower.

“Tease,” Steve muttered so low it was almost a growl.

Tony paused in the doorway and turned back towards Steve.

“You coming?”

Spiderman was of the opinion that he was starting to hate Electro. He wasn’t given to hate, as a rule, but Electro was a real pain in the ass. As he dodged out of the way of yet another blast of electricity, Peter could smell the rubber on his suit melting. To his recollection, no other super-villain ever melted his suit. Rip, yes, cover in blood and goo, yes, and more often than Peter liked. But holes he could repair, blood and goo washed out. Melting meant another night sewing himself a new spare suit.

As he swung his way home, he bemoaned the loss of another suit. Maybe he ought to switch to another material. Perhaps leather, like Daredevil’s suit. It had to be more practical than spandex and at least it wouldn’t melt. But did he have the body to carry off leather?

Matt certainly did, leather suited him. He was clearly well-toned; the tight, sculpted leather delineated every bulge and curve as he moved. And his ass…

Peter suddenly had an urgent need to go to Hell’s Kitchen. But first he needed a shower. A very cold shower. And there was another reason to stop wearing spandex.
Kay: jayne and his funky hatsilvercobwebs on February 29th, 2012 08:58 pm (UTC)
Oh teacher, teacher! Me me me! I want to read them!

I, in fact, just did.

And lo did I squee like the fangirl I am. And totally did not linger on the mental image of Peter and Matt and tight tight leather. No way. Nuh uh.

And of course there has to be a Six Million Dollar Man joke, because that is simply too perfect and apt not to be used somehow. :)

Thankyou most sincerely for sharing.

(And I'm currently prodding at some dodgy bits of dialogue in the first chapter of my fic, so if you're very unlucky, I'll be sending it sometime soon.)
But, I don't want to be a pie,: pleased hamsteridontlikegravy on March 3rd, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
This pleases me immensely (as does the promise of imminent ficcage)

Thank you for reading :)