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30 September 2012 @ 02:49 pm
Obligatory Birthday Post  
First a huge thank you to you lovely people on my flist for birthday greetings and v-gifts, I love you all *hugs*

Bit of a mixed back this year - went to Wales Comic Con the weekend before my birthday and had a blast - met Anthony Head and Craig Parker, bought a set of Rocky Horror figurines, aeron_lanart was there and, most importantly of all, met the delicious silvercobwebs for the first time and had a lovely time with her (and she gave me a Lego Deadpool, which was possibly the best moment of the weekend).

So, that was awesome.

Birthday was quiet but nice - took the day off work and watched DVDs with my mam and sis - Chuck and Northern Exposure mostly. Got a War Machine bobble-head that made me grin like a loon,and got Avengers Assemble on DVD. And that's where the disappointment began. Disney are complete arses! The DVD has no extras apart from one pathetic five minute featurette - no commentary, no gag reel, and no promised deleted scenes. Worst of all, for some inexplicable reason they've edited out the point of Loki's spear from a certain person's chest - WTF? It hasn't altered the rating at all, so I don't understand why. My only flicker of hope is that it's a plot reason, that they're opening up doubt surrounding that event for his return? (I expect most of you have seen it, but I'm skirting just in case)

Then when I went back to work on Thurs, nobody even bothered to give me a card and I found out I hadn't got the promotion I wanted. So the week started well but ended on a bummer. And then yesterday, Doctor Who happened. harumph.

Ok, so that week's over, next week will be better. *nods*

ETA: Next week WILL be better - Merlin's back!!!
Ith: Taste - Petit Foursithildyn on September 30th, 2012 04:53 pm (UTC)
Happy belated birthday!
Kay: spock -- live long!silvercobwebs on October 1st, 2012 01:40 pm (UTC)

It was of course wonderful to see you (but too brief!), and I'm so glad you liked the wee gift and card. :)

Sorry to hear about the promotion - at least they know you have ambition and will hopefully soon realise that your awesomeness needs to be rewarded.

(and uh, oops! Turns out Steve hasn't been paying attention to his mail. Will be remedied soon, promise!)