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09 August 2009 @ 11:54 pm
Fannish Five Answers Part the First  
tygermama was first with Top Five Tony-Not-Being-A-Goof moments

1. Trying to convince Jeanne that he really does love her. *sniffle*
2. Turning down the promotion
3. Saying goodbye to Kate *sniffle*
4. Being there for Abby
5. Channelling Gibbs after the explosion.

ithildyn wanted to know about my Five matinee idols

1. Christopher Lee (Perhaps not an idol in the traditional sense, but that voice is so damn sexy!)
2. Peter O’Toole
3. Katherine Hepburn
4. Dean Martin
5. Audrey Hepburn

silvercobwebs asked for my Top 5 Richie moments

1. When he meets Mikey (well, that entire episode really)
2. When he steps in front of a bullet to save Joe
3. Flirting with Amanda in ‘Double Eagle’ and being completely outclassed
4. Going to the bank with Amanda and chasing after Cory (again that whole ep, really)
5. Escaping from Sheena Easton through a window.