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15 November 2010 @ 06:23 pm
SGA ficlet & SG1 drabble  
I started this meme, and herk227 asked me for Stargate Atlantis, with the prompt 'Saturday Night' for. Here is the result:

“Sheppard, good I’ve been looking all over for you,” Rodney declared, barely glancing up from the computer he was carrying to register John’s presence. John recognised the tone in Rodney’s voice and knew it did not bode well. It would probably result in several hours sitting in the chair trying to activate some previously undiscovered function of the city.

“Come on, McKay, it’s Saturday night, nobody works Saturday night, it’s time to party,” John said, a hint of a whine slipping into his tone.

“Hmm? Is it? I hadn’t noticed,” Rodney replied. He continued to tap something into the computer for a moment before he stopped and looked up at John, stunned. “Did you just quote… no, never mind, you couldn’t have.”

John regarded Rodney for a moment and then grinned.

“I’m gonna buy a sheep and cow and breed horses,” he said in a passable Liverpudlian accent. Rodney stood there, mouth opening and closing like a guppy as John strode off down the corridor with a massive grin on his face.

Gathering his wits, Rodney followed, quickening his pace to catch up.

You like Red Dwarf?” he muttered, disbelieve clear in his face and tone. “Not only like, but know it well enough to quote lines from it?” he added.

“So?” John knew he was teasing McKay, but this was just too much fun to pass up.

Rodney placed a hand on John’s chest to stop him in his tracks. Amused, John stopped and looked at the hand, which Rodney quickly dropped.

“So, it’s science-fiction. British, cult, science-fiction. I’d never have guessed you’d like it,” he said.

“Rodney,” John drawled. “What you don’t know about me would fill a library.”

kaylashay gave me SG1 with the prompt: first time, which produced this drabble:

Daniel would never forget the thrill of his first time for as long as he lived. There was a palpable, almost electric atmosphere in the room as he approached, and he couldn’t help holding his breath.

He was only a boy, but here he was, in Egypt, looking at a text that was thousands of years old. Not just looking at it, but reading it, understanding the words that were written. That was a thrill that would stay with him forever, one that none of his team mates ever really understood, although perhaps Jack came close, despite his affectionate ribbing.
herk227herk227 on November 15th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
Ooooh shiny :)

McKay and Sheppard are both perfect and of course Sheppard knows Red Dwarf he's a secret geek after all.

But if Sheppard is Lister then Rodney is Rimmer... now I want a Rodney McKay song.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: dwarfersidontlikegravy on November 16th, 2010 05:06 pm (UTC)

Glad you liked it. Of COURSE Rodney is Rimmer! Although Rodney is slightly less of a smeghead, a bit more Ace than Arnie ;-)