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22 November 2010 @ 06:03 pm
Angel Double Drabble  
Final meme fic, a double drabble for morgynleri_fic who gave me the fandom Angel and this prompt:
Never can walk away, it never lets you go
Come awhile and forget with me

WARNING: Spoilers for After the Fall, if you squint.

It should not be this way; Illyria should not think like this, nor feel like this. Should feel nothing but the pleasure she derived from the obeisance of her worshippers and her delight in the sound of screams.

They are base, low creatures and their desires and emotions are nothing but the mewling of pathetic creatures, but she cannot push the foreign thoughts from her mind now they are there. She is weakened and she loathes it.

She feels no malice toward the creature that did this; it was acting for Angel and he, as always, acted for what he perceived as the greater good. And now she perceived it to be so too and it hurt her.

She loathes that also.

Her head is full of Fred and their memories; she would be rid of it. But she is less, and she cannot even master her own thoughts.

She watches over the bed of Gunn; because Fred would have it so, but also because it quiets the alien feelings, if only for a while. His memories do not fill her head.

When he is healed, he asks her to go with him. She will, if only for a while.