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09 May 2007 @ 11:06 pm
HL50 Prompt - Night  
This is a two parter with the Day prompt, what Richie did after Something Wicked, a theme I shall probably pick up again before the 50 is finished...

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Richie woke with a start, his hand automatically reaching for his sword. As his fingers wrapped around the cool metal he visibly relaxed, but his sweat-drenched body was testament to the nightmare he had just had. Every night was the same since that night in the dojo. There were variations, the fight playing differently, or not at all, but each time it ended in exactly the same way. Every night Duncan MacLeod took his head.
He hated feeling so helpless. As the nights wore on, his initial terror was replaced by anger and a sense of betrayal. When he awoke he would shadow fence, his imaginary opponent bearing Duncan’s face.
Tonight though, that wasn’t enough, he still felt the rage even after hours of practice. He pulled on his jacket and grabbed his helmet and bag. Perhaps the open road might heal the wounds his Immortality couldn’t.
He rode until the sun rose, tearing up mile after mile of highway, trying to put as much distance between himself and his past as he could. Eventually, exhausted, he pulled into a truck stop to get some food and refuel the bike.
He was halfway through his third pancake when he felt the Buzz. He panicked for a moment, until he remembered that Joe had said Duncan was on a ship to Europe. Looking around he spotted the Immortal, a burly man, six feet tall and almost as wide, coming out of the bathroom. The man approached Richie’s table.
“If you’re looking for me kid, you’ll have to wait ‘til I finish my breakfast ok?” Something in Richie snapped. Whether it was because he was sick of feeling afraid or because of Duncan’s betrayal or simply because this fathead had called him ‘kid’, even Richie wasn’t sure. Whatever it was, something made him answer,
“Whenever you want, we can step outside.” But maybe, just maybe, Richie wanted the cold light of day to chase away the terrors of the night.
This story continues in The Quality of Mercy