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14 May 2011 @ 07:45 pm
Doctor Who  
*bounces up and down like the Doctor on a space hopper on a jelly baby-induced sugar rush*


Currently overwhelmed by the melancholic joy I feel every time I experience something Neil Gaiman writes, but my main feeling right now is "Again! Again!"

Best. Episode. Evah. Well, 11's best episode anyway.

TARDIS has a body! And she's brilliant (as we knew she would be) and ever so slightly like Helena Bonham Carter, which is also brilliant and actually kind of perfect for her.

And the woman's name was Idris!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *epic flail*

I didn't know it was possible but I love Neil, 11 and TARDIS more than ever.

Michael Sheen was seriously creepy - who knew his voice could go that deep!? And poor Amy and Rory, having their heads messed with.

But I do feel a bit sad because if House *snerk* deleted the spare rooms, does that mean the wardrobe is gone? And all the previous companions' rooms? I mean, sure TARDIS can re-archive the rooms, but what about the things in them?

Want to write meaningful discourse but completely incapable right now. Again! Again! :)
The other Weird Al: Doctor Who -The Doctoraeron_lanart on May 14th, 2011 10:54 pm (UTC)
Having just watched it that's pretty much how I'm feeling. I wonder if Neil Gaiman will be for The Moff what Moffat was for Uncle Rusty? If he then became head writer... well, I'd be happy.

I loved how much Eight and his TARDIS appeared in the past Doctor snippets and though part of me was disappointed they didn't have a classic reconstruction of a console room, using the previous one made sense (seeing as how The Moff hadn't de-constructed the set, I now also understand why they used the old Torchwood set too).
fractured_sun: DW The tardisfractured_sun on May 16th, 2011 10:11 am (UTC)
I loved this episode so much, the series should be renamed the adventures of a blue box and her thief. I knew I'd love it because... well Dr who + Neil Gaiman, how can that fail to be completely awesome. I'd love to see Neil do more Doctor because that episode was fantastic.