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28 May 2011 @ 09:17 pm
Doctor Who  

So, that was that... feeling a bit confused about it all. Not the plot, I'm feeling confused about how I feel about it. I think I really liked it, but I'm in this limbo now of waiting for the other shoe to drop and it all turning to crap. See what you've done to me RTD?! I just hope Moff will do better.

I'm assuming that the Flesh is an early version of the Nestene consciousness and the Gangers are nascent Autons, yes? (At least that was what I gathered from what the Doctor said) And I can see that he wouldn't want to tell Rory and Amy that so as not to prejudice them (bad half-remembered memories and all that), plus then there was the whole Amy is a Ganger/Auton(?) after all revelation. (And won't that make for some weird kink Auton!Rory/Ganger!Amy fic *snerk* Oh crap. I've also just thought of Auton!Rory/Ganger!Doctor which of course then led to thoughts of plastic threesomes. Someone shoot me now.)

Onto the spoilers for next week: Why the hell is Rory dressed like a Roman again??? And why does everyone think Amy's baby is the Doctor's? Is it, and if so how? Or is it that the baby is dangerous because of everything Rory and Amy have been through and has nothing to do with the Doctor at all? See, these are the questions running through my brain that are making me doubt Moff.

He just bloody better answer them all next week. I don't want to be kept hanging until September!! And whose bright idea was that?! (BBC America, I'm looking at you here)

Umm, that seems to have turned into a bit of a rant, but anyway, what does everyone else think?