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11 July 2011 @ 06:12 pm
Writing Meme - Day Two  
Questions can be found here

2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

Wasn’t sure how to order these, so took my cue from aeron_lanart and grouped them by how much I write them, listed alphabetically (because I’m anal like that *g*):

One offs/cameo appearances:

These are all fandoms that I love and am familiar with, but I’ve had no urges to write fics for them – they appear in crossovers and the odd drabble and that’s it.

The Big Bang Theory
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Clangers
Father Ted
Good Omens
Harry Potter
Hawaii 5-0 (new series)
Ivor the Engine
James Bond
Jeeves & Wooster
Nightmare Before Christmas
Nikolai Dante
Pinky and the Brain
Quantum Leap
The Rocky Horror Show
Star Trek: TNG
Star Trek Voyager
Van Helsing (movie with Hugh Jackman)
View Askewniverse
Warehouse 13
Wolf Lake

Have written more than once/have a non-crossover story:

These are fandoms that I actively write, but I don’t dip my toe into them very often – usually only when prompted or the muses demand, and mostly only as crossovers. Having said that, although I’ve only written two fics for The Sentinel and three for Harry Dresden they look like they might be moving into the ‘main fandom’ category soon as they keep demanding my attention!

Being Human
The Champions
Dresden Files
Marvel Universe (comics and movies)
Murdoch Mysteries
Pirates of the Caribbean
Red Dwarf
The Sentinel
Stargate SG1 & SGA
White Collar

Main Fandoms (those fandoms I write on a regular basis):

Highlander & Highlander the Raven – um, a lot. This is still my main fandom, and will inevitably crossover with other fandoms frequently, for the reasons I gave yesterday about why I write in this fandom.

Doctor Who – Very much still active, although not for a while. Still haven’t found 11’s voice yet so haven’t attempted to write him but it’s my intention to do so one day. Possibly at the end of this season, depending on how things pan out.

NCIS – Only the Watcher!Abby ‘verse and one other Highlander crossover, but there are quite a few fics in Watcher!Abby. Definitely still writing in this fandom – I’m working on a new Watcher!Abby fic at the moment.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel – not much lately, but Immortal!Giles is another of my main series of fic. Still active, wrote a drabble the other day actually.

There are a few others I’ve not listed but have written for – this is because although I’ve watched them and know enough to write them I don’t consider them to be my fandoms for one reason or another and the list was getting stupidly long. There’s also a possibility I’ve forgotten something, and it’s probably glaringly obvious too so please poke me if you think I’ve forgotten one!