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05 October 2011 @ 08:38 pm
Doctor Who Ep13  
Thinky thoughts on one particular scene, don't want to go into details of the plot: . I want to talk about the moving scene in the TARDIS where the Doctor tried to call the Brig *sniffle*. I just rewatched it on iPlayer and now realise what a great send-off scene it was (I was too busy crying and going "Oh, the Brig!" on Saturday!) with the Doctor barrelling on as normal and then the line about time not touching him and then.... bombshell. And that news is what makes him realise it's time.

Bravo Mr Moffatt, Bravo.

No matter what else was good or bad about that episode (and I found plenty of both, although mostly the good), I will always love it for that scene.