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27 October 2011 @ 10:06 pm
A little help?  
I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm looking for someone from Eastern Europe, preferably Hungary or Romania, or someone who knows about that region during Communism, for some advice for a fic. In NCIS:LA Hettie is supposed to originally be from Romania, born in 1948, possibly Romany blood, but I'm not sure about that as canon is a bit fuzzy.

What I want to know is 1) Is Henrietta Lange a Romanian name? To me it sounds like an alias or an Anglicised version of her real name. If that's the case, any suggestions on what her name could be?

2) Would a Romanian teenager be allowed to move to Budapest to work or study in the late 60's? I know that movement was highly restricted, but did that apply to movement between Eastern Bloc countries? And would she be able to get around the restrictions if her parents were influential or she had family in Hungary?

3) How difficult would it be to defect from Hungary? Especially if she is Romanian? I need her in Budapest for the fic, and obviously she managed to get out or she wouldn't have had her illustrious career in the CIA and NCIS! Or would the CIA have recruited her there and used her there, only getting her out later?

Wikipedia has been of some help, but I'm still fuzzy on a few points.

Thanks in advance everyone!
beer_good_foamy on October 27th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
I'm not from the region, but Henrietta Lange sounds more German (or possibly Scandinavian) to me. Of course, there is (or was) a sizable German-speaking minority in Romania.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: deep thoughtidontlikegravy on October 28th, 2011 06:18 pm (UTC)
I thought it sounded German too, thanks :)
Feonixriftfeonixrift on October 27th, 2011 10:00 pm (UTC)
Czechoslovakia, late 60s to early 70s, at least some people could vacation as far out as Malta and Egypt. That is how my mom left.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: deep thoughtidontlikegravy on October 28th, 2011 06:18 pm (UTC)
Interesting, thank you.
Black Rookgrachonok on October 28th, 2011 05:48 am (UTC)
There was movement between Eastern block countries - there were tourism, and science conferences, actor/musician tours and sport events.
Most of those who 'ran', as far as I know, were 'non-returners' - tourists/scientists/artists/sportsmen who asked for refuge while abroad. Or, and sailors:), forgot about them. So every science expedition/touring troupe/tourist group was checked through and through before being let out in Western countries. Between Eastern coutries it was much easier, and, afaik, USSR was the most closed one of the block, so it should have been easier in other countries.
Henrietta Lange doesn't sound to me like a Romanian name, but I know nothing about the language:(.
I think that a teenager could move from Romania to Budapest to study (hardly work). She might be some prodigy, in sport or music, probably (that would also give her a reason to attend some event in a western country, where CIA could notice her), or she might just study Hungarian language and culture. Or her parents might move to work in Budapest (there were also business contracts and diplomacy between the countries, there were opportunies, not many and they had to be approved by the Party, but there were).
Oh, and Budapest University should have a good site with lots of info, maybe historical too. My friend from Ukraine studied there, after the Communism though, but maybe they had some international programs before. In Moscow there was (and still is) Peoples' Friendship University, founded in 1960, for students from other countries (mostly Third World ones, but students from Eastern block also stuied there), maybe Budapest had something similar.
beer_good_foamy on October 28th, 2011 06:43 am (UTC)
afaik, USSR was the most closed one of the block, so it should have been easier in other countries

From what I know, Romania (at least from a certain point) and Albania were actually worse at times - those were the guys who stuck with Stalinism after even the USSR found it too harsh. I'm not sure if it was already that bad in the 60s, though.
Black Rookgrachonok on October 28th, 2011 07:08 am (UTC)
Maybe you're right, I don't really know much about these two. There certainly weren't strong anti-soviet demontrations there, like in Hungary in 1956 or in Prague in 1968.
BTW, in the USSR the most 'vegetarian times' were 1956-1964, it became worse in the 70s.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: deep thoughtidontlikegravy on October 28th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
I knew quite a bit about the USSR because I studied that in school, but I have little knowledge of the other Eastern Bloc countries beyond the little I know from having visited the former East Germany.

I know that many did manage to flee from Hungary, but mainly in 1956.

Thank you for the info hon, it's confirmed what I was already thinking :)
fractured_sunfractured_sun on October 30th, 2011 09:20 am (UTC)
I know next to nothing about this but if you are still looking for more information you might try posting on the little details comm http://little-details.livejournal.com/

It's set up for writers asking questions they can't find information on (and is about half and half original and fanfiction). I've used it a few times and they're always helpful of course most of it was for fics I never finished.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: oohidontlikegravy on October 30th, 2011 05:34 pm (UTC)
I think I've got what I need for this one, but I'll definitely bear that in mind for next time, thank you! :)