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05 June 2007 @ 11:02 pm
Reasons to hate the Olympics No 4  
Until January of this year I worked at World Museum Liverpool, but my contract was not renewed, along with those of about eighty others. This is why I'm currently working in a shitty shop job instead of the heritage sector and why I'm back at my parents in Dorset rather than Liverpool. (For those unfamiliar with UK geography Dorset is about 300miles south of Liverpool, about as far away as you can get and stay in England).

The reason for my being 'let go'? The Olympics.

The British government, in her infinite wisdom, has decided that sports and museums are the same thing and so they both are handled by the Ministry for Sports and Culture. This means that the museums and the 2012 Olympics are funded by the same department of the government. So, when they realised that they weren't going to have enough money for the Olympics, they snatched money away from the already underfunded National Museums, of which Liverpool is one. WML was already running over budget so the only way they could reduce spending was to reduce staffing. Unfortunately I was a casualty of this cull. 

So, what have they been spending the money on? Well, it took them £400,000 to develop the logo for the games. If that £400,000 hadn't been wasted on so-called 'design', it would have meant that all of the staff could have stayed on at all of the museums affected. Personally I've seen more artistic things drawn by monkeys, but judge for yourself. You can view the piece of shite they came up with at the 2012 website here: 

I'm so glad I lost my job for a good reason.
This week I am mostly feeling: pissed offpissed off