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02 January 2012 @ 05:38 pm
My Year in Fic 2011  
Here is the (hopefully) complete list of everything I’ve written this year. If I’ve coded it right, not missed anything and put it under a cut first time, it will be a miracle! *crosses fingers* (All links are to LJ because not everything is on AO3)

Things what I wrote 2011 (In chronological order):

Three can be a Crowd (The Champions)

Four International Women’s Day Meme Comment Fics (Highlander, The Champions, Blackadder the Second, Firefly)

Everything Gets Complicated 3/4 (Highlander the Raven)

Everything Gets Complicated 4/4 (Highlander the Raven)

Nothing So Much (Murdoch Mysteries)

Shaman You (Dresden Files/The Sentinel)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

First Night Nerves (Firefly) Gen ficlet with Kaylee/Simon & Kaylee/Inara (but rated teen for topics discussed!)

One Sentence Meme Fic for aeron_lanart(Highlander)

Small Victories (Hawaii 5-0) Danny/Steve

Translation (Stargate SG1/Highlander)

In the Black (Buffy/Firefly) drabble for tthdrabbles

Dexter’s Progress (Highlander the Raven) for hl_flashfic

The Still of the Night (Highlander/Firefly) Part of the Browncoats & Scabbards ‘verse

The Scrivener’s Tale (Highlander the Raven) birthday fic for jinxed_wood, direct prequel to Dexter’s Progress.

Richie Gets His Groove Back (Highlander/NCIS) a Watcher!Abby fic

Shadow Dance hlh_shortcuts fic for marbleglove and a Watcher!Abby fic

Fic for consci_fan_mo

Even Coppers Have Their Secrets (Sherlock)

Reflection (Highlander)

A Trip to Ten Acre Field (Torchwood/Wurzel Gummidge)

A Friendly Face (Highlander/Captain America)

Deck the Halls (Dresden Files)

Telling Behaviour (Merlin)

A Measure of Peace (Highlander/Firefly) Part of the Browncoats & Scabbards ‘verse

The Sky is Falling (Supernatural/Falling Skies)

Take the Money and Run (Highlander/Firefly) Part of the Browncoats & Scabbards ‘verse

Simple Gestures (Merlin)

Future Imperfect (Dresden Files)

Option A (The Sentinel) set in the same ‘verse as Shaman You

Witches and Wizards and Trolls, oh my! (Dresden Files/Discworld)

The Last Battle (Merlin) (now an AU ending to season 4!)

Ultimate Top Trumps (Multifandom crack!fic)

And last, but not least, I posted an original sci-fi fic called Foothold