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18 January 2012 @ 02:51 pm
Ficathon Pimp!  
Are you bored? Feeling a sense of post-festive blues now that hlh_shortcuts is over for another year? Worried you won’t be able to find any new Highlander fic? Then worry not! We at hl_flashfic have decided to run another Highlander Flashfiction Ficathon!

The theme of this ficathon is The Raven. Yes, that’s right it’s all about Amanda. It can be set at any time during her life and have any number of other Highlander characters (or other fandom characters) in supporting roles, but Amanda has to be the star of the show (isn’t she always?)

Signups will be in a week or so, but for now we need prompts so please head to hl_flashfic and drop a comment on the prompt post.

Thanks everyone and I’m looking forward to reading the prompts, so have at it!!