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20 April 2012 @ 03:01 pm
Stats Meme  
What the hey, everyone else is doing it! *bleats* My top ten AO3 fics based solely on hit count with their summaries for anyone interested (in case anyone doesn't know, I'm subcircus on AO3). I've taken out drabbles for a better idea of what people are reading:

10 Joy in Unexpected Places Discworld [345]: On a long and boring diplomatic trip, Vimes enjoys a rare moment with Young Sam.

9 In the Bleak Midwinter Merlin Arthur/Merlin [348]: In the depths of winter, someone has to keep the prince warm.

8 Renewed Acquaintances Highlander/NCIS part of Watcher!Abby [361]: Richie and Ducky have a large headache when an unexpected guest arrives in autopsy...

7 Who're You Torchwood AU Jack/Ianto [374]: Ianto Jones has no memory of the last five years, but he has scars and nightmares of impossible things. A rentboy in Cardiff, the only good thing in his life is one of his clients - Jack Harkness.

6 You Show Me Yours part of Watcher!Abby [429]: Abby and Methos talk tattoos.

5 Five Times Someone Wanted to Give Someone a Gibbs, But Didn't Highlander/NCIS [444]: The first time Methos had witnessed Gibbs smack someone upside of the head he had to stifle a laugh, firstly because it was Richie on the receiving end and secondly because it was a marvellous and inventive way of disciplining someone. Sometimes he felt like giving them out himself, but these times he didn't.

4 Saving Burning Bridges NCIS/NCIS:LA/Highlander part of Watcher!Abby [532]: Methos wakes up in the NCIS morgue in LA to find a very angry Gibbs demanding answers for his behaviour. The answer comes from an unexpected source.

3 Manhunt Highlander/NCIS part of Watcher!Abby [541]:The hunt for the serial killer that attacked Methos begins and the FBI want a joint investigation.

2 Small Victories Hawaii 5-0 (new) [918]: Steve is being annoying in public. Danny will get him back. (Steve/Danny)

1 Shaman You Dresden Files/The Sentinel[1349]: When Cascade's finest think they have a satanic serial killer on their hands, Detective Blair Sandburg calls in the only wizard in the phone book to assist. But nothing is ever as simple as it seems for Harry Dresden...

Most of these are short fics, less than 500 words, but not all - Shaman You is one of the longest fics I've ever written, clocking in at 20,846 words. I'm continually stunned by how many people have read and enjoyed that fic, I was convinced nobody would read it when I was writing it! Watcher!Abby continues to be popular, which always pleases me immensely as I love collaborating with strangevisitor7.

The Torchwood one is a bit of a surprise as it's completely out of my wheelhouse, but the lack of kudos on it tells me that hits doesn't necessarily mean readers in this instance. Not surprised, it's not one of my better efforts tbh.

The Hawaii 5-0 one is just a ficlet, and it's an active fandom so I'm not really surprised by the hit count. I can't tell you how pleased I am that a Discworld fic is in the top ten :) My least read fic is Dexter's Progress [27], which is a Highlander: The Raven fic about a minor character so I'm not surprised!
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