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12 June 2007 @ 05:32 pm
HL50 Prompt - Sunset  
I was watching Richard Redstone today, and it occurred to me that we never know why Richie left Marina. I know he's not exactly steadfast and true when it comes to love, but still he seemed pretty keen to stick around, yet there he is in Paris in Duende. 

So this little drabble is my explanation, call it an extra tag-scene for the ep if you will.

It further occurred to me that if he'd stayed at the Chateau LeMartin instead of going to Paris then he might have been out of harm's way come Archangel. But that way leads Denial and I'm not going there again. 

At least not for a while. 

Except for my Firefly crossover.

The Leaving of Richard Redstone
Richie and Marina sat outside the Chateau LeMartin sipping their wine and enjoying the sunset. As they watched the sun sink over the horizon, Marina turned to Richie and asked, “Must you really go?”
“It’s only a few weeks. I’ll visit Mac in Paris while the major renovations are done. I’ll only get in the way here. I’ll be back to help fix up the chateau before you know it. I love you Marina.” He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. She smiled.
“Just a few weeks?” she pouted playfully.
“I promise.”