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04 August 2014 @ 12:36 pm
One hundred years  
Warning, this post contains angst and possibly politics.

Today is the centenary of the outbreak of The First World War. It has been all over the news here, as it should be, and it's caused me to stop and reflect.

I read once that although it was known as the War to End All Wars, there have been more armed conflicts since 1918 than the three centuries preceding.

In the Middle East people are dying from a political mess partly brought about by the land grab after WW1 and in many ways the shadow of the last century hangs over us all.

World peace seems a distant goal right now.

Please, mark today. Mourn all those who gave their lives in that terrible war, whether in service to their country or bystander and no matter which flag they died under.

They were all human. Everyone reading this is human. We should try to focus on that, remember what we have in common.

Remember the fallen. Hope for peace.
This week I am mostly feeling: thoughtfulthoughtful