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26 June 2007 @ 10:17 pm
I'm sure I've seen him somewhere....  
Just watched a rerun of the BBC's fab Egypt series from last year and as I was watching the one about Howard Carter I realised that the guy playing Pierre Lacau looked awfully familiar then *facepalm* I twigged who it was. Now, please bear in mind that when I watched it the first time I hadn't yet received my yummy birthday present of the Complete Highlander Boxset, so I had only watched up to 'Double Eagle'. 

Just bear that in mind and don't mock me too much when I reveal who it was (if you don't already know/have guessed):

It was Valentine Pelka. *hangs head in shame*
This week I am mostly feeling: dorkydorky
Kay: kronos -- wicked little smilesilvercobwebs on June 26th, 2007 09:58 pm (UTC)
Hee, I had to look twice when I first saw it! Plus he also had a French accent, I believe? : )
But, I don't want to be a pie,: methos2idontlikegravy on June 26th, 2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
True, but there's no need to make excuses for me. :)

It was an awfully good French accent too.

I'm watching the Robin of Sherwood reruns on ITV3 at the mo to see if I can catch the one he's in. Plus I did have a thing for Robin. ;)

Now see, it's moments like this where I contemplate actually paying for an account so I can have more userpics cos I don't have one of Kronos. But then I remember I'm skint so I'll just make do with what I have. *g*