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01 July 2007 @ 07:29 pm
Highlander/Firefly crossover 2/?  
Here we are folks, part 2 of my Highlander/Firefly crossover. This is my first foray into the world of Mal Reynolds et al, so I brought Richie and Methos along for the ride. Yes I know that makes this denial so I apologise to any purists but he's my puppy and I love him. ;p  
It isn't slash and I hope it isn't OOC at any point.
Any and all comments gratefully received, just try not to be too cruel.

Browncoats and Scabbards Part 2/?

“Greetings Captain Reynolds.” The Operative said in his permanently civil tone. Mal simply nodded in response. “You still have something that belongs to the Alliance.” The Operative said.
“Well I don’t reckon that any person should belong to the Alliance. Sides, there’s no point now we spread the word ‘bout Miranda. River’s got no more secrets to tell. Let her go.” Mal replied.
“I don’t believe you’re in any position to negotiate, captain. There are five attack vessels with their weapons trained on you as we speak. Please surrender, or I will be forced to destroy you.” The Operative reasoned. Mal paused, as though seriously considering the deal. In reality he was forming a plan and hoping to hell that River knew what he was thinking.
He looked to River and nodded and she smiled and engaged the ships engines. He flicked a switch to terminate the communication and then pressed another button to release ballast and several decoy signal beacons to try and prevent the Alliance ships following.
Serenity accelerated and Mal relaxed as he scrutinised the screens.
“They aren’t following.” He sighed with relief. “Get us out of the core worlds fast little albatross.”
“Miranda.” Richie said. “You were the ones that broadcast the wave. No wonder the Alliance is pissed at you.”
“You’d be advised to stay out of what ain’t none of your concern. Dong ma?” Mal glowered. “I suggest you two return to your quarters until we reach safe space. The crew will be busy enough without you poking your noses in.” Mal indicated down the corridor and with a shrug Richie and Methos turned and headed back to their cabin.
Once safely back inside Richie asked,
“Do you think he was the Immortal? Did you recognise him?”
“No, I don’t know him. I have no idea if he was the one we felt or not. It’s nearly impossible to judge via a wave. But I did spot that he was wearing a sword, and who carries a sword around in this day and age?”
“I wonder why they want the girl.”
“Oh no! I know how you get around lost causes when there’s a pretty girl involved. You’re not with the Boy Scout now. We stay out of this, we don’t get involved. We just hitch a ride to a nice isolated planet where we can stay out of trouble for the next thirty years or so, okay?” Methos snapped. Richie didn’t answer so he asked, “Dong ma nansheng?”
“Yes, I understand old timer. We don’t get involved. I’ll be as cool as a cucumber.” Richie said with a grin, making Methos laugh. “Any day now, we’ll be on some backwater planet living the high life. Scouts honour.” He added, provoking another laugh from Methos.
“Glad to hear it brat, glad to hear it.”
In the galley at the next mealtime, tensions were running high. The crew ate in silence, throwing wary glances at their passengers. Jayne stared openly as he shovelled his meal into his mouth, before stomping off to find a gun to clean. Mal too ate quickly and left for the cockpit to relieve River. Methos and Richie didn’t know what they had done to provoke such animosity, but it was clear they were suddenly unwelcome passengers. That’s if they had ever been welcome.
“Captain says you were friends with Shepherd Book?” The sudden break in the silence startled the Immortals. The question came from Zoe but both she and Kaylee were staring at them both intently.
“That’s correct.” Methos replied, “He was a good man, I was sorry to hear of his passing.” Zoe glowered at his evasive answer, and Kaylee was nervous about what she might do, possibly involving the airlock. Richie sensed the danger they were in so he decided to provide a little more detail,
“We were trying to avoid some unwanted company. Shepherd Book kindly gave us shelter. He chatted with us long into the night, told us that if we needed help we should look to Haven. We visited him a couple more times, but we haven’t left the core in a while. It was him that told us to contact Captain Reynolds if we ever needed a ship. Said she was the fastest hunk of junk he’d ever seen. From what I’ve seen I’d agree with him.” Richie said with a grin. Zoe still glowered, not warming to the patented Ryan charm, but Kaylee positively beamed when he complimented the ship.
At that point, River entered the galley, helping herself to food and sitting at the table. She smiled broadly at the guests before tucking in with gusto. Zoe threw the two Immortals another glare before getting up and leaving. Kaylee cleaned up before doing the same, throwing Richie a smile as she bounced back to the engine room. The two Immortals were now alone with River, and they suddenly felt more uncomfortable than they had during the rest of their meal. She regarded them both with her penetrating gaze for a moment.
“Will you tell now?” she asked, a childish inquisitiveness evident in her face.
“Don’t you already know?” Methos responded. River looked dark for a moment before the smile returned.
“All jumbled. Nearly six thousand years, lot of images. Big mess, doesn’t make sense.”
“Okay, but quid pro quo.” Methos replied, making Richie smile.
“Who’s Lector?” River asked, puzzled.
“Nobody, just a fictional character.” Richie replied quickly. Damn, he’d have to watch his thoughts around this one, especially as she was so gorram hot. He quickly pushed down any further such thoughts as River blushed.
“Quid pro quo means we tell you something, then you tell us something. Deal?” Methos queried. River nodded in response. “Well what do you want to know?”
They chatted for over an hour. Methos was reticent at first, but Richie still seemed incapable of keeping his mouth closed and River had already got most of the information from their minds, she just needed them to make things clear for her. So they told her about Immortals and their own lives, though both decided it better to leave out as much about the Game as possible. When they questioned her, she was open and honest about herself, although less so when questioned about Serenity or her crew. As they talked Methos found himself warming to this inquisitive and intelligent child, and he sensed that there was more to her than she let on. Eventually they were interrupted by Mal’s voice over the comms.
“River! Get back up here now! How long does it take to eat one gorram meal?”
River frowned, looking like a naughty schoolgirl who had been forced to stop examining a fascinating bug and go into class. She stood up and went to the door where she paused and said,
“You can tell me about the lightning later.”
Damn Methos thought to himself, with a smile.
They arrived in the atmosphere of Triumph without further incident and touched down a little way from the nearest settlement. Methos and Richie disembarked after paying Mal the agreed sum. They watched Serenity dust off then headed for the township.
By the time they reached their destination they were both covered with dust from the desert.
“First a beer.” Methos declared, indicating a bar, “Then we find somewhere to stay and a hot bath.”
“With you there old timer.” Richie said, shifting the weight of his pack.
They sat down at the bar and ordered two beers, but before the drinks arrived they sensed the approach of another Immortal.
“Aw hell. Before we even get a beer?” Methos opined. Richie slumped his head on the bar in frustration, but his hand was already headed for his sword, and Methos was doing likewise.
“There’s no need for that gentlemen.” Said the Operative, “And, by all means, have your drinks. Let’s keep our little negotiation civilised shall we?” he seated himself on a barstool next to them.
“Negotiation?” Richie asked.
“Yes. Let’s negotiate how you get to keep your heads, and I get River Tam.”
Translation of Chinese (including from Part one, sorry I wasn’t thinking *grin*):
hundan – bastard
nansheng – schoolboy
dong ma - understand
Kay: mal&kaylee -- oh captain!silvercobwebs on July 1st, 2007 08:20 pm (UTC)
The Operative as an Immortal? Nice little twist. : )
But, I don't want to be a pie,: fireflyidontlikegravy on July 2nd, 2007 10:30 am (UTC)
And there's more to come. *knowing smirk*
I will call her George: Duncan Sexystrangevisitor7 on August 15th, 2007 04:42 am (UTC)
Nice ending. I really like your River voice.

You’re not with the Boy Scout now Poor Duncan still the perfect little Immortal.

Are we headed for Richie/River? Why do I like that idea?
But, I don't want to be a pie,: Richie2idontlikegravy on August 16th, 2007 02:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I love writing for River because she has such a distinct voice, glad you like.

Richie/River. Hmm, could happen, not out of the realms of possibility. I like the idea myself, but I'm not sure the plot lends itself to the situation as it stands. But who knows where my muse will take me? *g*

As for the Boy Scout, well as I'm sure you saw in Part 3, he isn't exactly the same...