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13 August 2007 @ 03:04 pm
Highlander/Firefly Crossover Part 3  
Part 3 of my Highlander/Firefly Crossover, which you can read from the beginning starting here. This is my first foray into the world of Mal Reynolds et al, so I brought Richie and Methos along for the ride. Yes I know that makes this denial so I apologise to any purists but he's my puppy and I love him. ;p  
It isn't slash and I hope it isn't OOC at any point.
Any and all comments gratefully received, just try not to be too cruel.

I don't own Highlander or Firefly or any of the characters that you recognise, I'm just partying with them for a while and I promise to clean up after myself.
Massive thanks and a bag of virtual jelly babies goes to jinxed_woodfor her help as beta on this one.
Browncoats and Scabbards: Chapter 3
“I suggest you do as he asks. He doesn’t make threats lightly,” came a familiar voice from behind them.
“Mac?” Richie exclaimed, spinning around on his stool, his eyes widening as he took in MacLeod’s uniform. “Oh, Mac, don’t tell me you’re with these guys?” he said, nodding in the direction of the Operative.
“You will have plenty of time to reminisce later. Captain MacLeod will be accompanying you back to Serenity to make sure there is no double cross.” The Operative said. “Now, let’s remove ourselves to a quieter spot and discuss our business, shall we?” He stood and led them to a table, in a dark corner, at the back of the bar.
“Now, gentlemen, there are three ways this can happen,” the Operative murmured, as they sat. “ One, you cooperate and receive a full pardon on the capture of River Tam. Two, you fail to cooperate and go to jail for a very long time. And three, you pretend to cooperate to make your escape and then double cross me. Needless to say, if the latter occurs, I will hunt you down, no matter where you run to; and MacLeod will also be willing to take the necessary measures.”
Richie and Methos glanced at Duncan and then each other. They were fairly certain that Mac wouldn’t take either of their heads, but who knew how much he had changed in the hundred or so years since they’d last seen him?
“What exactly would you want us to do?” Richie asked reluctantly.
Mal’s lips twitched into a smile as Serenity headed through the black towards Regina. Miraculously, they had picked up a job on Triumph. It was only hauling cargo, but it was a wage and an honest one at that. River was letting the guidance systems do most of the work, and she was taking a quick catnap in her chair. Mal glanced across the cockpit at her and smiled. He had grown very fond of his little albatross, and he wasn’t about to let anything bad happen to her.
Sooner or later, they would need to do something about the Operative or they’d have to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder, even more than they were already. He was not about to let the Alliance prevent them from making a dishonest buck. “I look after me and mine,” Mal muttered.
River started in her chair and sat up, her eyes wide. “We need to go back,” she cried and grabbed at the controls.
“Now hold on there, little one, we need to get this cargo to its destination, is what we need to do. Unless you can give me good reason, I ain’t going back.”
“The old ones are in trouble. He has them; he’ll make the lightning come.”
“What old ones, darling? You’re making even less sense than usual. Now come on, why don’t you go get some rest and I’ll steer the ship a while,” Mal said gently.
River considered him for a moment before seeming to relax. She nodded and headed out the door but, as she left, Mal heard her mutter, “It’s okay, they will come to us.”
Mal shook his head. He might be fond of her, but there was no getting away from the fact that River was all kinds of crazy.
“Just how much have you told him about us?” Methos demanded as they entered Duncan’s shuttle.
“Don’t worry, as far as he knows neither one of you is more than five hundred,” Duncan replied. “In fact, he thinks Richie is the elder,” he added with a grin, as he sat down in the pilot’s chair.
Methos eyed him with suspicion, but decided the Highlander was telling the truth. Richie was less convinced.
“I’m not exactly willing to trust anything you say, at the moment. What the hell are you doing working for the Alliance?” Richie demanded.
“I was convinced it was the right thing to do.” Duncan said softly.
“By who? The Operative? Duncan, that hundan wants to capture that girl and experiment on her,” Richie snapped back.
“You can’t know that. Even I don’t know what the Alliance wants River Tam for.”
“I can tell you,” Methos said, “They believe they own her and they want her back. Last I checked, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod didn’t believe that anyone had the right to own someone else.”
“I still don’t believe that, Methos, but we’re not talking about slavery here. River Tam is mentally unstable, she’s dangerous.”
“From what she’s told us, it’s because of what they did to her! And now you’re going to help them to take her back and carry on what they were doing just because some guy tells you to?” Richie said incredulously. “How can you not see that you’re on the wrong side, Mac?”
“I’ve known that man almost as long as I’ve known you two, Richie. He’s a good man, an honourable man.”
“So you’re saying we aren’t?”
“No! Richie! You’re twisting my words. After all these centuries you still act like a nineteen year old sometimes. It’s never black and white, you know that. Although I’m not the one currently wanted for grand larceny.”
“That was a political protest against the Alliance,” Methos chipped in.
“That just happened to make you two filthy rich. Convenient as most of us lost our savings when the Swiss banks collapsed.” Duncan said seriously, but the corner of his mouth raised slightly as he said it. “Amanda, I expect this of, but you two?”
“Yeah, well it’s sort of difficult to make an honest living unless you work for the Alliance,” Richie said defensively.
“What’s wrong with that?” Duncan replied, although he knew immediately from the looks on both their faces that he had said the wrong thing.
“What’s wrong? Oh nothing. We didn’t fight a Civil War for any particular reason. All those brave men and women died for nothing at all.” Richie said.
“Oh. You were Browncoats,” Duncan said softly.
“Some of us still are,” Richie replied defiantly.
“I hope that isn’t true. If it were it would be treason against the Alliance.” Mac responded.
“Maybe, but a person still has the right to think and say what they want don’t they Duncan?”
“Of course. The Alliance isn’t a dictatorship. But outside the Core it’s like the Wild West Richie. No law, complete and utter chaos, kill or be killed. The Alliance is simply trying to bring peace and order to the whole ‘verse.” Duncan explained, sounding like a teacher trying to explain something to a four year old.
“Or ram it down our throats. Isn’t that what happened on Miranda?” Richie said coolly.
“Nobody has proved that the Miranda footage was genuine.” Duncan retorted.
“Listen to him Methos! Spouting the party line like a good little tin soldier. Look what you’ve become Mac. You can’t convince me to agree with you. You’re wrong about the Alliance. Very wrong.”
“Oh look, we’ve got clearance for departure.” Methos said, trying to diffuse the argument.
“Don’t think this discussion is over Richie.” Duncan said and turned back to the controls to begin the launch sequence.
“Discussion? Ai-yah. Tyen-ah.” Richie said incredulously and glowered at Duncan’s back until Methos led him to the back of the cockpit.
“Calm down nansheng. If we’re going to get out of this with our heads still attached, we’re going to need Duncan on our side. Dong ma?” Methos whispered.
“I know, I know, I just can’t believe that Mac of all people…” Richie said, the frustration in his voice clear.
“I know, it doesn’t sit well with the Duncan MacLeod we know, but it’s been a long time, Rich, maybe he isn’t that Duncan any more. But, if he is, one look at that sweet little girl and he’ll soon want to help her,” Methos said with a grin.
Richie smiled as he realised what Methos was saying. “So we’re going to help River, not sell her out?” he asked.
“We’ll take the path of least resistance, nansheng, but if I know MacLeod and his damn chivalry, he can’t resist a damsel in distress. Just follow my lead, okay?”
“Shiny, old man.” Richie said as Duncan launched the shuttle into space.
“So, Duncan, how exactly do you intend we find River Tam?” Methos asked amiably.
“Alliance agents will report in if they spot her or Serenity. The sizeable reward means that there are plenty out there happy to report a sighting. Until we hear something, we’ll just search for her. Captain Reynolds is bound to keep to the Rim while they know we’re looking for them. We’ll start with Saint Albans and work our way in,” Duncan replied, his tone still abrasive.
“Saint Albans? They’d have to be pretty desperate to be there,” Richie said, trying to keep his tone civil.
“True, but they are desperate. We’ll leave no planet unsearched,” Duncan replied. He entered coordinates into the computer and the shuttle headed into the Black.
Continues in Part 4
Translation of Chinese (taken from the Firefly-Serenity Chinese Pinyinary):

hundan - bastard
Ai-yah. Tyen-ah - merciless hell
nansheng - schoolboy
dong ma - understand
Tiger Lily: highlandertigerlily0 on August 13th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)
I just read all 3 chapters. Interesting story. I hope Methos is right and Duncan returns to the old Duncan we know and love.

I look forward to the rest of the story...
But, I don't want to be a pie,: happinessidontlikegravy on August 13th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
Re: interesting
More will be coming soon, my muses have been on holiday but they seem to have returned now. As for Duncan, you'll just have to wait and see. *g*

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the feedback. :)
I will call her George: Duncan and Methosstrangevisitor7 on August 15th, 2007 04:55 am (UTC)
Ok, no messing with my Boy Scout. It is weird to see him and Richie on opposite sides.Still it's nice to see the boys all together. I am still not convinced Duncan would side with the Alliance. I mean he's always been for the under dog and the lost cause. But it does make for good tension.

he can’t resist a damsel in distress Duncan is so predictable. Of course he will see the error of his Alliance ways

I really am enjoying this but you need to post again soon. *begs for more*
But, I don't want to be a pie,: happinessidontlikegravy on August 16th, 2007 02:13 pm (UTC)
Duncan does have his reasons, which will be explained in the future.

it does make for good tension.
I'm glad you think so. I wanted to explore the idea of both sides thinking they were the 'right' side. I also wanted to explore how they might have changed after 500 years and the collapse of Earth-that-Was, and I didn't want it to feel like the Three Musketeers reuniting for a crazy adventure. This just felt like the right way to go.
As I said, all will be explained in the fullness of time and hopefully it will be in keeping with Duncan's ethics.