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16 August 2007 @ 03:28 pm
Comm suggestion...  
What does everyone think of the idea of a Richie Ryan Fic Community? I know there are some Methos dedicated ones out there. A few people have mentioned that there should be more Richie fic and a comm would present opportunity for challenges. 

I'm thinking that it could be open to both canon and Denial as well as crossovers and anything else. Maybe even slash, although I think I'd draw the line at actual porn. Is there any demand? Do we really need another Highlander comm?
I will call her George: You sure Tonystrangevisitor7 on August 19th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
ncis_flashfic is the NCIS community

Basically they put out a prompt every two weeks and people write stories about NCIS that incorporate that concept. All types of stories, even cross and AU stories, are welcome

There is no prize for completing the assignment but I think we could give Banners if someone posted a story every week like they so at [Unknown LJ tag].

Some Flash fiction type site foster competition. Like there is one that has Team:SG-1 and a team:Atlantis. The team that has the most members post a story wins the prompt.

I also belonged to BuffyxSPN site that has pretty much died. But all stories had to be crossovers between those 'verses

The only common element is the stronger the mod the better the community.the NCIS one is great because the prompts are.. well, prompt and the mod is very active.

Enough info for one post. :-D Email me directly and we can discuss further. I think the only way to keep the community active is to create reasons for people to write.