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05 September 2007 @ 07:17 pm
Reunion Part 4 Buffy/Highlander Crossover  
 This is part 4 of the story Reunion, which in itself is part of my Immortal Giles series. The first chapter can be found here and you can also read the first two stories Recollections & Revelations and School of Hard Knocks.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, never have, never will *sob*.

Reunion 4
Methos sat opposite Giles in a dingy corner of an equally dingy pub. “Remind me again what we’re doing in a demon bar? It’s definitely not for the atmosphere or the beer.” Methos sniped and raised his murky glass to examine the contents. He pulled a disgusted face and placed the glass back on the table.
“We’re here because this is the only place the contact would agree to meet us.” Giles replied.
“Couldn’t we at least have waited somewhere that serves decent beer? This looks as though it could kill me.” Methos whined.
“You’ll live.” Giles snapped.
“I’m sorry Rupert, have I done something to upset you?”
“Upset me? What could you have possibly done to upset me? You know, for a man who likes to keep his head down, you attract a bloody large amount of trouble.” Giles’ voice had sunk to a near whisper that was almost a growl.
“Oh, like this is my fault. I didn’t ask for this Rupert…”Methos was cut off by the approach of a very tall, lanky looking demon with large bat-like ears and only three digits on each hand. The demon sat down and looked furtively around the room before beginning to speak.
“Mr Giles. The Quaquitator aren’t looking for your friend, they’re looking for something they believe he has,” he said quietly.
“Did you find out what Errol?” Giles asked the demon.
“No, I’m sorry Mr Giles. I tried, but they just kept on saying about how it would bring about the End of Days. I couldn’t even get them to tell me where the temple was.” Errol replied.
“Never mind, you’ve done well Errol, thank you.” Giles pulled a small sack from under the table and passed it to Errol. The demon looked around once more and then left. The two Immortals waited a few moments before following.
“Well that was about as much use as a chocolate teapot.” Methos said as they got back onto the street. It was dark outside, the city council having apparently decided that it was a bad idea to put lights on side streets in dangerous parts of the city.
“On the contrary, we now know that they aren’t after you. They want something you have, or they think you have, which will bring about the resurrection of the Horsemen.”
“But that’s ridiculous, we know they can’t.”
“We know that, they believe otherwise. Perhaps they are after the Methos Chronicle. By the way, you do know we’re being followed don’t you?”
“Yeah, they left the pub just after us.” Methos replied. They stopped, looking around as if lost. In the darkness they heard soft footfalls.
“You shouldn’t have been in that bar mates,” came a voice from the dark.
“Was it members only? Sorry, didn’t know. Won’t happen again,” Methos called out, softly he added to Giles, “What do you think? Three?”
“Yes. Vampires would be a safe bet,” Giles replied, then he called out to the dark, “We’re on holiday, we just stopped off for a pint, got a bit lost. Do you know the way back to Oxford Street from here?”
The two ancient Immortals appeared to the casual observer to be every bit the lost tourists they purported to be. In fact, they were both listening as the vampires circled them, poised for attack, hands inching closer to their concealed swords.
With a snarl the vampires pounced, and with near equal speed the two Immortals drew their swords. Giles dusted the closest of them as he pulled his sword from his coat, his swing neatly cutting the vampire in half. Methos wasn’t quite so lucky, the vampire nearest him managed to tackle him to the ground, clamping his arms to his sides. As the vampire leaned in to bite him, Methos head butted the vampire.
It probably hurt Methos more than the demon, but it startled him into letting go of Methos’ arms and he was able to punch the vampire back enough for a decent sword swing that cleanly took off the vamp’s head.
That left the third, the seeming leader of the group, who Giles was currently fighting hand to hand. Apparently during Methos’ own little struggle Giles had managed to drop his sword and was now resorting to fisticuffs. He was holding up well, thousands of years of skill and centuries of Watching and training Slayers making him a match for the supernatural speed and strength of the vampire.
Realising that Methos was now free to help; Giles orchestrated the fight, manoeuvring his opponent with his blows until the vampire had his back to Methos. Methos correctly interpreted Giles’ idea and when the vampire was in position he swung, and the demon was dust.
Giles walked over to his sword and picked it up, along with his glasses, which had been knocked off in the fight. He placed both back in his coat and turned to Methos, who punched him in the jaw.
“Ow! What the hell did you do that for?” Giles asked, rubbing his jaw.
“See what you’ve got me into? Fighting vampires! I don’t fight Immortals if I can help it, and you’ve got me fighting vampires.” Methos exclaimed.
“That’s not my bloody fault. If you want to be pissed off with anyone, it should be the Quaquitator! They’re the reason you’re in this.” Giles said, stepping up to Methos so they were toe to toe.
“Yeah, well they aren’t here. Or I would be hitting them.”
“Really? You want to find them? You don’t want to just go back to the States?” Giles asked, surprised and faintly amused.
“I’m glad you find it funny. Yes I want to find them. I don’t want to spend the rest of Adam Pierson’s life looking over my shoulder. I quite like this identity, I’m not ready to change it yet.” Methos replied. “We’re just sitting on our arses, waiting for them to find me. Isn’t there anything we can do? Can’t one of your lot do a locator spell?”
“None of my lot, as you call them, have that sort of power. There is someone…but it might cause problems for Xander. I’ll have to talk to him first.” Giles said.
“Well okay then. At least that’s doing something.” Methos said. He tried to walk past Giles, but Rupert blocked him, then punched him squarely on the jaw. “Youch! I didn’t hit you that hard.”
The next day, Giles called Xander into his office and closed the door.
“What’s up G? You look all serious.” Xander asked. Giles ignored the shortening of his name and pressed on.
“Xander, Adam and I are having difficulty in locating the demons. I’ve exhausted every avenue available to us. I need to ask Willow to help us.”
“Yeah, that makes sense. Wills makes with the mojo, one locator spell later and you’ve found your demons. Sounds like a plan to me.” Xander replied.
“So you’re okay with her coming here?” Giles asked, concern clear on his face. Xander was puzzled.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked.
“Well, the two of you have always shared everything…” Giles began awkwardly. Realisation dawned on Xander.
“You want to know if I’m gonna tell her about the whole Immortal swords and lightning deal?”
“Well, mostly just the not dying bit. I’m not sure even Willow could understand about the Game Xander. I think of all the Sunnydale group she’s the most likely to understand, but…”
“Look, don’t sweat it, I won’t tell her about the Game. But I don’t think I can hide something like this from her Giles. And I certainly don’t intend to cut Wills out of my life when she starts to notice I’m not getting older.” Xander said. Giles nodded his understanding.
“But please, don’t tell her about me. I don’t think she would understand why I lied to you. Besides, she would be compelled to tell Buffy, and I’m certain she wouldn’t understand.”
“No problem Giles. My lips are sealed. If Buffy found out about this, she’d have both our heads.” Xander quipped.
“Or worse.” Giles said with a smile. “I’ll call Willow now and get her on the first available flight. I suggest you start thinking about how you are going to tell her.”
Continues in Part 5
I will call her George: Xander - Here for youstrangevisitor7 on September 5th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
Just caught up on this series. Enjoying this very much. I love Xander as an Immortal. And the whole history you've created for Giles just fits so well. Looking forward to more
But, I don't want to be a pie,: rogidontlikegravy on September 5th, 2007 07:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks hun. I'm really proud of this one, so I'm pleased you enjoyed it. :)
I will call her George: Happy Dancestrangevisitor7 on September 5th, 2007 07:31 pm (UTC)
I noticed you got all organized.Good for you You may be inspiring me - I was thinking about it but hadn't had the time
I may have to check out the L word but slash is so not my thing. But I do like your wirting & all those 'verses you cross, so i'll risk it *hee*
But, I don't want to be a pie,: rogidontlikegravy on September 5th, 2007 07:41 pm (UTC)
Organisation is a very good thing. I realised that quite a few of my fics are sprawled out all over the place hence the linkage.

The slash isn't at all graphic (I don't write sex scenes as a rule cos I'm crap at them) and it actually kinda vanishes once the plot gets going. There's just the occasional kiss. It was mostly a plot device if I'm honest. *g* If you survived the Byron interlude of Reunion then it's tame in comparison. :)