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15 January 2008 @ 12:21 am
HL50 Prompt - Moon  
Written for the highlander50prompt Moon
Huge thanks to strangevisitor7as my ever wonderful beta.
I might be a little tenuous with the prompt here, but I beg your forgiveness, as I really wanted to make sure this story continues to be part of the 50.
This is a crossover between Highlander and X-Men, and is part 3 of Lessons, the first chapter of which can be read here. This story is set shortly after the first story, Superheroes. I apologise again to any big X-Men fans out there, my canon is a mix of the comics, the cartoons and the movies, simply because I don’t read enough comics for them to solely provide my canon, so if I cause offence, I didn’t mean to. As for the Highlander fans, this is Denial simply because Richie had too short a fuse and I needed him to be more mature for this to work. So now I’ve thoroughly alienated half of the audience, on with the fic: ;-p
Disclaimer: I still don’t own X-Men or Highlander, more is the pity. I’m just having a little fun, no harm intended, so please don’t set the Sentinels on me.
Lessons Part 3 - Trials
The full moon creating the only light, Richie crashed through the undergrowth, his heart pounding in his ears. He knew he was making so much noise that a child would be able to track him, but that didn’t really matter. If he could just make it to the next clearing, then he could stand and fight.
He saw a break in the trees ahead, and quickened his pace, but he was too late. His opponent dropped out of a tree, sending them both to the floor. Richie rolled and brought his sword up defensively, just in time, and there was a clang as metal hit metal.
The moon glinted off his sword as they struggled, blades locked together. There was a loud crack as Richie felt his arm break. He grunted in pain, but didn’t let it distract him. Twisting around, he was able to transfer his sword to his good hand and brought the pommel of his sword down hard on his opponent’s jaw.
Panting hard, Richie mustered what strength remained in his legs and pushed his adversary off of him, throwing him into a tree a few feet away. Seeing the other man was winded, Richie clambered to his feet and pointed his sword at his foe. He smiled.
“I think that one was mine,” he said, still out of breath.
Logan got up from where Richie had thrown him and dusted himself off. He then popped his jaw back into place with a loud crack.
“Really, bub? I ain’t the one with the broken arm,” he commented.
Richie examined the arm hanging useless at his side.
“That’s only cos your bones don’t break. Besides, it’s already healing, no biggie.”
“And that was a lucky shot, getting my jaw like that,” Logan grumbled.
“A sword is more than the blade, Logan. I’m just glad that it’s made of adamantium, or it would have shattered on that thick skull of yours,” Richie replied.
Without warning, the forest around them dissolved and the doors to the Danger Room opened. Professor Xavier entered, followed closely by half a dozen students.
“Good morning, Logan, Richie,” Xavier called cheerfully. The two walked over toward him.
“Chuck,” Logan replied at the same time as Richie answered,
“Richie, how are you getting along with the new adamantium sword that Forge made you?” the professor enquired. Richie beamed and held the blade in question aloft for examination.
“It’s wonderful. I’ve never owned a sword like it. Mac always said that a blade should be a part of you, but I never really understood what he meant until now,” he said happily. But he then lowered the sword and looked at the professor, a little guilt in his eyes. “But if you don’t mind, I’ll stick to my old sword against Immortals. It has sentimental value.”
“I understand completely. And don’t worry, I’m sure Forge won’t be offended.”
“Just make sure you bring the right one to our sparring matches. My claws would cut through a regular blade like it was butter,” Logan added with a gruff chuckle. Richie nodded in reply.
With a nod of farewell, Logan then walked to the other side of the room, where the students were waiting for their training session.
“Richie, I wanted to ask you, how are things progressing with Paul?” Xavier asked. Richie visibly sagged, exhausted, and not just from the fight with Logan.
“Not good. I mean, his skills are developing pretty well, but I can’t seem to get through to him. It’s been nearly a month, and he’s barely said two words to me outside of class,” Richie replied, exasperated. The professor nodded, thoughtful.
“I’m sure he just needs more time to adjust, have patience with him. After all, time is the one thing Immortals have in common,” he answered. “Now, I believe you have a motor maintenance class to teach?” he added. Richie looked at his watch.
“Woops! Sorry professor,” he said and headed for the door.
“Perhaps a change of clothes first? I should think the sight of blood might upset some of the students. I’ll let them know you’ll be a little late.”
“Heh, thanks Professor, I think you might be right,” he said as he left.
Later that day, Richie was walking past Xavier’s office deep in thought over the problems that Paul represented. Without warning, he found himself lying on the ground looking up at a very angry Scott Summers.
“Watch out Ryan,” Scott said.
“Sorry, Summers. But maybe it’s you that should watch out? You charged into me remember?”
“Just get out of my way,” Scott snapped and then he walked away. Richie looked through the open door to see Professor Xavier, Logan, Rogue and Storm inside, staring at him. He grinned and shrugged his shoulders from his seat on the floor.
“Richie, good, come in, please. You should be part of this discussion,” the professor said. Curious, Richie got up, entered the office and closed the door behind him.
“Does this have anything to do with what’s got his panties in a knot?” Richie asked, thumbing in the direction Scott had gone. The others all looked to the professor, and Richie did the same.
“There has been a report on the news of violence in Japan. Scott felt we should intervene, but I told him it wasn’t our place,” the professor explained.
“But I don’t understand, professor. If he’s a mutant…” Storm began.
“If, Ororo, that’s a big if,” Logan interrupted, “Show him the report Charlie.”
The professor picked up a remote and turned on the television.
“Reports are scattered, confused at best, but it seems this titanic battle has been going on for a whole week now. It began in the hills outside Kyoto, but has since moved into the city itself, causing devastation in its wake,” the reporter said.
The camera panned across the Kyoto skyline, showing ancient temples and teahouses that were flattened.
“Looks like a tornado hit,” Richie commented.
“Not quite,” the professor replied. He turned off the TV and turned his gaze to Richie. “Japan has a very powerful mutant who calls himself the Silver Samurai. He used to head a Japanese team of heroes, like the Avengers, although he now works alone. Last week, he challenged a Yakuza boss he thought to be a mutant to a duel. This is the result.”
“Let me guess, he isn’t a mutant,” Richie said with a sigh.
“I don’t believe so, no.”
“How bad is this guy?” Richie asked with a sigh.
“On a scale of one to evil? He’s one of the worst Yakuza bosses in Japan. Has been for over a century. And before that, he was one of the most feared and hated daimyō,” Logan said.
“You fill me with confidence,” Richie deadpanned.
“I don’t understand, what’s going on here?” Rogue asked. Logan ignored her and answered Richie.
“Don’t get me wrong, he’s not that great with a sword. He gets others to do his dirty work mostly. The Samurai keeps killing him, he just won’t stay dead,” Logan explained. Richie nodded his understanding. “Each time his henchmen have been able to recover his body and protect it until he has time to heal. They’re loyal, but dumb, they keep taking him back to one of his own houses. The Samurai is always close behind and starts the fight again.”
“And he keeps fighting as a matter of honour,” Richie said, knowing a little of the Samurai code from what Duncan had taught him.
“Exactly. Neither one of them will quit until one is dead permanently,” Logan confirmed.
“But in the meantime, Kyoto is being devastated,” Xavier added.
“Then I guess I need to go to Japan.”
“Would somebody please tell me what on earth is happening here?” Storm demanded. The professor looked to Richie.
“You might as well tell them. In fact, hey why don’t we just take out a billboard in Time Square so the whole country can know?” Richie quipped. The professor continued to look at him. “Seriously, I guess we’ve got no choice, and I probably couldn’t hide it for long with everything that goes on here. Go ahead.”
“Ororo, Richie isn’t a mutant. He’s a different kind of human, one that can live forever. We can explain all the details at a later date; I know you’ll have questions. For now, please just accept that Richie needs to face this Yakuza, alone,” the professor explained.
“Alone?” Logan asked.
“Those are the Rules. But I’ll need some help to keep his Yakuza buddies from interfering. Something tells me a criminal lord that evil won’t play fair.” Richie groused.
“Plus you’ll have to convince the Samurai to stop fighting him, and that won’t be easy. Trust me, I know,” Logan said.
“There’s something else Richie. I think you need to take your new sword with you. The Silver Samurai has the ability to create an energy field around his blade so that it will cut through anything except adamantium,” the professor said.
“So?” Richie asked.
“So, if this Yakuza has been fighting him for a week, then his blade must be made of adamantium.”
“Oh, I see. Good idea professor, thanks,” Richie said with a grin. “So, how do we get to Japan?”
“Oh that part’s easy,” Rogue said with a grin, “And really, really cool.”

Continues in Part Four
Kayla Shay: Highlander - Richie Innocentkaylashay on January 15th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Sweet fic!

I just caught up on the whole bit and you have me hooked. Neat way of integrating the two worlds. :-)
But, I don't want to be a pie,: rich & loganidontlikegravy on January 16th, 2008 06:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you. :) Superheroes was actually only supposed to be a one-shot, but I got hooked too and I can't leave them alone now! *grin*

Fantastic icon! *pets baby*
I will call her George: Richie  - troublemakersstrangevisitor7 on January 16th, 2008 05:47 pm (UTC)
Loved the way you handled some of the changes we discussed. (one edit:change three to one the second time you mention it.)
I do enjoy the idea of Logan and Richie as buddies and Scott is still an ass (never liked his character)
Look forward to more.
But, I don't want to be a pie,: rich & loganidontlikegravy on January 16th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
Thanks hun. :)

Oops, thought I had changed that! *toddles off to rectify*
she who is the teller of tales: abbylyl_devil on January 16th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
Mmmmm.... Happyhappyhappy.

Logan and Richie - very nice duo there. Love this story so far. :)
But, I don't want to be a pie,: rich & loganidontlikegravy on January 16th, 2008 06:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)