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04 February 2008 @ 12:52 am
Highlander Flashfic so far...  
 I don't think I've posted my hl_flashfic responses here, so I'm putting links to them all, in the order that the challenge appeared. From now on, I'll post to my LJ once the challenge closes for any who aren't in/watching the comm (although why not? It's a great comm and the mods are really nice gals *g*). Apologies to the flist who've already read them.

Challenge: Firsts - The Rising Tide
Challenge: Immortality: Dual Roles - When Worlds Collide
Challenge: Technology - To the Devil a Vacuum Cleaner
Challenge: Alcohol - Two Immortals Walk into a Bar
Challenge: Fitzcairn - Small Things
Challenge: Animals - We're all Going to the Zoo Tomorrow
Challenge: Holidays - Tis the Season
Challenge: Five Things - Five things that Never Happened to Jonathan Kent
Challenge: AU - Down the Rabbit Hole