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07 April 2007 @ 10:23 pm
Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code  

I don't want to spoil anything for those outside the UK or who missed it tonight (although what exactly were you doing?) so I'm just going to say, brilliant episode, and put the rest

That was a great second episode, very very funny but dramatic and scary at the same time, basically what makes a classic Who episode. I can picture the lynch mob coming to hang me for deeming a new episode 'classic' but any dissenters can go jump, I will staunchly defend my decision.

This episode was full of really great dialogue, and not just the comedy, although there was plenty of that (including the now obligatory 'intimate they were gay/bi moment', which was laugh out loud brilliant). Fave line of the ep has to be "wait til you read book seven", but it's a close run thing.

I loved the meeting with Good Queen Bess, and the nods to the Bard himself were perfectly placed so they didn't become groanworthy. 

The bad guys were also pitch-perfect - the stereotypical 'three witches' but without being parody and the true form of the Carrionites was pretty damn spooky (for the kiddies) when it could have ended up ridiculous.

Oh and just one more thing - "Expelliarmus" - classic. :D
Current Music: You're History by Shakespear's Sister