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28 August 2008 @ 01:56 pm
First Lines Meme  
Snagged from  aeron_lanartand lferion:

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

  1. Spike stared at the man in front of him.
  2. Sam felt the moment of disorientation that was so familiar to him now as he leapt into another person.
  3. Methos woke with a jolt that made him grunt with pain and the memory of his most recent death came flooding back.
  4. Something had gone very, very wrong.
  5. Richie awoke to find himself lying on a field of grass, in bright sunlight.
  6. Duncan scrambled across the dark sand, hoping he was in time.
  7. The Doctor stared at the console of the TARDIS blankly, lost in his own dark musings.
  8. Methos looked sceptically at the orang-utan in front of him.
  9. House stormed into Cuddy’s office and slammed a piece of paper onto her desk.
  10. Ducky pulled on his gloves and approached the autopsy table.
  11. The house of Death was nearly silent, but for the constant hissing of falling sand in the innumerable lifetimers and the immense hallway was in darkness, except for a small pool of light that spilled out from the open study door.
  12. “Mac, I’ve just seen the most fantastic stunt rider. He jumped thirty trucks! It was awesome.”
  13. “Where can I get me one of those!” Richie exclaimed in awe.
  14. It was dark and silent in Methos’ apartment, as it often is at night, and, because it was twelve o’clock, the clock struck midnight.
  15. Over his life, Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod had had many lovers, women whom he’d cared for, but there were only a handful of women he had loved.
  16. “What do you mean; we’ve only got one gun on this crate? How did you expect to capture River with only one weapon?” Methos demanded.
  17.  When Dean Winchester was fifteen years old, he tried to get Amanda into bed.
  18. Ducky led Abby out of autopsy and down a corridor that Abby hadn’t noticed before.
  19. He was still new to the Game the first time.
  20. “I swear it was him Sammy,” Dean said.
  21. “Hey, Tony! Free for a beer?” Richie asked amiably as he spotted Agent DiNozzo heading for the elevator.
  22. Richie’s mood had improved significantly with the start of both the semester and his new job.
  23. Captain John Hart sat down on his chair and laughed.
  24. They had never met in life, but death made strange bedfellows.
  25. In a bar on the Boeshane peninsula, Captain John Hart stood and faced the door.

Hmm. Pattern...well I use the name of the main character a lot. And taken out of context some of them are quite funny. Other than that, can't really see a pattern. Any thoughts anyone?

I will call her George: Jackson readsstrangevisitor7 on August 28th, 2008 06:18 pm (UTC)
How about the fact that I know pretty much which story each line is from. [g]

I think I have to do this
But, I don't want to be a pie,: oohidontlikegravy on August 28th, 2008 09:04 pm (UTC)

It's quite a good meme isn't it? Look forward to reading yours :)
Kay: fitz -- here nor theresilvercobwebs on August 28th, 2008 07:38 pm (UTC)
Nifty meme!

I think #8 has to be the winner for Best Opening Fanfic Line Evar though ; D
But, I don't want to be a pie,: cities of goldidontlikegravy on August 28th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
*Adopts Arthur Askey impression* I thank yew!

It helps when one has an inspiring recepient to write for ;-)