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15 January 2009 @ 04:13 pm
Can anyone help?  
I remember reading a picture book as a kid, but I can't remember the title of it and none of my family remember it so I'm beginning to wonder if it actually existed or if I dreamt the bloody thing. Anyway, it was by the same publishers as The Tiger Who Came to Tea because I remember the little lion in the corner. I think it was written in the sixties or seventies because the drawings were very psychedelic, which is probably why it stuck in my mind. I can't remember the whole plot, but I remember that it was about how people were poisoning the Earth and all the hills and mountains were really sleeping dinosaurs, and because we'd done so much damage to the planet, the dinosaurs woke up and trees and flowers grew up in the roads, cracking the tarmac and making the world all green and pretty.

Can anyone help identify the book? Or should I start writing it now?! (Or possibly ring my local loony bin)

And no, I've never done any drugs.

On a completely unrelated note of squee, I've just got myself a Fifth Doctor figurine in the Toys R Us sale!

ETA: I'm not mad! I found it, it was published by Puffin, and was called Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish! and believe it or not is still in print. So happy it wasn't the product of my crack-filled brain *grin*
squeakypiggysqueakypiggy on January 16th, 2009 06:24 am (UTC)
Well I did a bit of looking around, to see if I could locate this book for you...

Publisher would be Harper Collins Publishing if it's the same as The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Doing a google search for "Harper Collins sleeping dinosaurs" resulted in a ton of hits.

There are several sites that deal in older books such as abebooks.com. If you use that in conjunction with Amazon.com you could search for the book on the first one, then read more details in amazon.com.

Another option is to search Harper Collins backlist and then do a year by year search.

The only result that seemed close but wasn't in the right time frame was this:

But, I don't want to be a pie,: librarianidontlikegravy on January 17th, 2009 06:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your help, I did a little digging on ebay and realised it was a Picture Lion book, not a Harper Collins, so I looked it up on the Puffin website and I found it! It was called Dinosaurs And All That Rubbish! and it's actually still in print.

I'm so glad I'm not insane *g*
squeakypiggysqueakypiggy on January 18th, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
I'm glad that you found it! :D Happy reading.