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25 September 2018 @ 10:29 pm
Finished Fic List  
This is a list of all my completed fic, in one easy to find place. I'll try to remember to update it as I finish WIPs, but I make no promises. *g*


Highlander 50 Responses

Blood Debt

Two Immortals Walk into a Bar

Small Things

Journey to Abydos

For Tomorrow We Die
Too Much Certainty in the World (post Journey’s End, serious spoilers) Complete but will probably become more

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Second Chances

The Champions


Red Dwarf

How to Make Three Million Years Fly Past

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Manila Folder of Doom

Star Trek TNG

Q Knew


The L WorldHighlander/Buffy/Stargate SG-1/Torchwood/Doctor Who/Diagnosis Murder

Light Years- Red Dwarf/Doctor Who

Immortal Giles Series is WIP, but individual fics are complete

Four of a Kind - Torchwood/Stargate SG1/POTC

Annwfn Cega - Torchwood/Buffy

When Methos met Gabriel - Highlander/Van Helsing (the movie)

One Time Too Many - Stargate SG1/Discworld

When Amanda Met 10 - Highlander/Dr Who

When Worlds Collide - Highlander/NCIS/Dark Angel

Fetch the Doctor Jeeves! - Dr Who/Jeeves & Wooster

Bump in the Night (Torchwood/BTVS/Firefly) sequel of sorts to >Spiking Torchwood

One is the Loneliest Number Red Dwarf/Highlander

Getting there is Half the Fun (Highlander the Raven/Doctor Who)
Strangers on a Train (Highlander/Supernatural)
Five Things That Never Happened to Jonathan Kent (Highlander/Smallville) (links to hl_flashfic)


When Methos met Frank - Highlander/Rocky Horror Show

Chance of a Fine Thing - POTC

Addiction - random House crack!fic

We're all fragged... - Transformers/Dr Who

Not in Kansas - SGA/Transformers

Raiining's Birthday Fic - SGA/Star Wars

Death has a Drink - Highlander/Discworld

Untitled ficlet (Highlander/Ghost Rider
Down the Rabbit Hole (Highlander/Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) (links to hl_flashfic hl_flashfic</lj>)

A Meeting of Minds (House/Holby City/Highlander)
Water, Water, Everywhere (Iron Man/Pirates of the Caribbean/Highlander)
After the Angel (Highlander/Chronicles of Narnia)
A Matter of Timing (Highlander/Aliens)

One of those Nights (SG-1/Doctor Who/Discworld)

Six Degrees of Damsel in Distress (BTVS/Torchwood/Highlander/Harry Potter/Heroes/Spiderman/BTVS)