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The Zen Room

A home for stray crossovers

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But, I don't want to be a pie,

I'm an Egyptologist, although I'm one currently cunningly disguised as a shop assistant. But it is a certain historically themed purveyor of ornaments and knick knacks so at least there is a link! I'm a cunning linguist (groan all you want), my field of research being early Egyptian biography of the 4th-8th Dynasty, but I love reading ancient Egyptian in all its forms (although hieratic is a bit headache inducing).

My obsession with all things Japanese is making me think that I may have lived there in a past life. I'm a Buddhist so I do believe in that sort of thing. It also means I'm tolerant of almost everyone and I try to be compassionate toward my fellow man, but it's difficult with so much hate in the world.
Wow that was deep.

Erm I love most sci-fi fantasy TV and I've been reading fanfic for a few years now, but Spring 2007 I found myself inspired to write one (While I was meant to be writing my MA dissertation I might add) and I've loved everything I've read here so I decided to take the plunge and add my two-penneth to the mix. I hope it's up to scratch. :)

I currently reside with the parental unit, sister and dog though I hope to return to uni and the less sunny climes of Liverpool soon. I bat for both teams ostensibly, though I have yet to make it off the bench *g*.

If you friend me, I'll likely friend you back if we've stuff in common. Icons I made are snaggable as long as you credit and comment somewhere on my LJ, although I don't think any of them are good enough for anyone to want them, I'm still pretty new at this icon malarky :)

Massively huge thanks must go to jinxed_wood for showing me how to work html to make my journal look pretty and for making this fabulous .gif:

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